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Lead Paint demo interior and exterior - order of operations?

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  • Lead Paint demo interior and exterior - order of operations?

    Got certified in April 2010; have had nothing but negative tests until now.

    Exterior: We have to demo all of the exterior siding, trim, and windows & build addition at right rear. The property line is less than 5' from the left side of the house. The good thing is that the back 8' or so on this side are an addition, and it tested negative for lead. However that still leaves 32' wall of lead paint siding to remove right next to the property line. All of the fascia and soffit will remain (and have to be prepped for repainting) except in one portion of the back where we will build an addition. The dumpster will go in the driveway on the right.

    Interior: total kitchen remodel. We will demo all painted surfaces there. the doors, trim, and cabinets all tested positive for lead.

    Order of operations seems tricky. Without lead considerations, we would build addition, demo old exterior wall. Demo siding, insulate, install new siding, windows, trim, paint exterior, demo kitchen, and bedroom, make interior framing modifications, etc. It seems like both interior and exterior work will potentially pollute the other. Oh, and i forgot, we have to remove the subfloor in the kitchen and back bedroom. It seems like a lot of (very difficult to cleanup) places for lead dust to fall.
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    Re: Lead Paint demo interior and exterior - order of operations?

    Barnett, You really didn't ask a question, but it looks like a good job.

    Curious, if a certified renovator does/did your testing. Also curious as to the age of the house.


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      Re: Lead Paint demo interior and exterior - order of operations?

      I used the LeadCheck swabs. And in the process, found that they seem to have a shelf life. I bought a big box back in May of 2010, and all worked well for a year or so, but this time only a couple of the 2 dozen that i had left would even work.

      My questions are too many, i guess. One would be what would be, what is the most efficient order of work given that we will be bulding an addition, residing, renovating the kitchen and bedroom? Another would be, does the vertical containment have to have a ceiling? Another would be, anyone know the rules for disposal of waste water in Austin, Texas? Another would be, do we have to make sure that the space inside the walls is lead clean before closing them?

      My next order of business is to price the RRP related work, because my first proposal stated that it would change if lead was found ... and it was.


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        Re: Lead Paint demo interior and exterior - order of operations?

        Lead based paint is 1 mg/cm2 or greater. If your leadchecks turned pink, it could be that it was reading less than 1 mg/cm2 and RRP doesn't apply ... at least on some of the components you inspected. Just making sure you are aware of this.

        Also assumed that you checked each and every component and all layers of paint.

        Mention above, just in case you want to decide to get a lead inspector with XRF to do a double check.

        1. The vertical containment doesn't have to have a ceiling and can be as simple as making it out of 2 x 4s with plastic and leaning it against the roof.

        2. As far as the law, you can close up the walls and then do final clean-up and verification.

        Where is the waste water coming from? If pressure wash, consider hand washing instead. EPA wants you to collect all water and filter it through a HEPA filter or for small amounts ... flush in the toilet. Not sure of laws in Austin.


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          Re: Lead Paint demo interior and exterior - order of operations?

          I've been surprised (and not pleasantly) by how many duds I find in a pack of Lead Checks - seems like about 10% of them don't have enough liquid in them.

          And I would second Dean's suggestion that you bring in an XRF tester - could save the client $ and you a lot of hassle.


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            Re: Lead Paint demo interior and exterior - order of operations?

            The house was built in 1930.

            We definitely won't be powerwashing. I was thinking that some things had to be wet mopped and wet wiped and that would create dirty water.

            I will investigate the XRF tester. It would still be good for me to come up with a price for the RRP, because knowing the potential costs, if i dangle the possibility that the professional tester might not find lead then maybe my client would pay for the tester.