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  • Lead Carpenter Employee Evaluation

    Does anyone have a good effective eemployee valuation form for a Lead Carpenter that they would be willing to share? I have been looking and only see a lot of generic stuff. I want it to be useful, not just a paper drill.

    I thought the Lead Carpenter Handbook would have one, but I could not find it in the book.



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    Re: Lead Carpenter Employee Evaluation

    Don't do it.

    Instead, ring up Amazon and get the book "First, Break All The Rules". Check out the summary that I posted below.


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      Re: Lead Carpenter Employee Evaluation

      Thanks Jim

      Just ordered it
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        Re: Lead Carpenter Employee Evaluation

        every applicant appears to be better than the next, as if they are the king of employees.

        Very few in this industry are without "issues". Finding an employee is easy, finding a good employee who's not a flake is a challenge.


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          Re: Lead Carpenter Employee Evaluation

          Originally posted by LIHR50 View Post

          Very few in this industry are without "issues".
          Very true. I think you will find that employees AND employers have the same percentage of 'issues'.



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            Re: Lead Carpenter Employee Evaluation

            Not a direct response to your question Mark, but a great resource for me has been

            A lot of free resources, downloads etc. They have a couple hundred free podcasts that I'll listen to when I'm driving. There is a "basic" group of podcasts that have changed the way I manage my employees.

            Good, direct info instead of a bunch of theory or esoteric fluff.


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              Re: Lead Carpenter Employee Evaluation

              I think manager tools is great. I subscribe and listen to them whenever there is a new one. It's not entirely relevant to how to hire a lead carpenter. It's mostly a discussion about the behaviors of professionalism. Something our industry is in dire need of.
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                Re: Lead Carpenter Employee Evaluation

                I've spent most of my career as a lead carpenter, even combining those duties into my GC duties when an active contractor and I honestly don't know how someone could put down on a form anything useful that would apply to everyone unless you employ a lot of lead carpenters and have a standarized protocol they all have to follow. Every lead carp I've ever known has his own uniqe strengths and weaknesses - more so than even what makes a good contractor. The reviews I've seen are rather generic in nature and the "grade" given for each item are highly subjective and in the end the result is what the person doing the rating wants it to be - so the formality of it just seems like administrative bs.

                I think there is a great deal of value in providing feedback to lead carpenters on a regular basis, and after each project - in fact I can't imagine not doing that. However some sort of overall evaluation doesn't seem like it would mean much if it wasn't covering the same items that are normally covered in the daily/weekly/end of project feedback - otherwise what's the use?

                That's my two cents and I have a fistfull of graduate school human resourse classes and can do as formal of a job description and evaluation as you'd like covering all the KSA catagories.