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Boots on the ground marketing

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    Re: Boots on the ground marketing


    I don't want to come across as all negative- you are always thinking and one of the most positive, inventive folks I know.

    I am starting to target designers more- the prices they get for stuff is ridiculous and it's a network that includes kitchen designers, fabric people, window covering folks, home stagers, etc.- which means exposure from many different angles. The designers are very much about presentation and they like feeling good about someone they send into a client's home (bandanas and bohemian rhapsody on the radio not considered a plus)

    I want the phone to ring, but I want qualified, meaningful leads. As was said: I"d rather have (2)-8 week jobs than (8)-2 week jobs. The 2 jobs probably puts 20% more money in my pocket with 20% less hassle.

    All that being said I wish I were as busy as Kreg- although my family does not wish to see less of me.

    Josh O.

    "If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all. "

    - Michelangelo-


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      Re: Boots on the ground marketing

      Originally posted by kreg McMahon View Post
      thanks mark

      what are some of the stuff all you other guys and gals out their do to obtain business you don't mind sharing do you? well lets chime in.
      here is one that I do. I work with Rebuilding Together. They have a year round program that goes on here in St Louis but the big day is May 5 this year. I volunteer to be the house captain which means I am in charge of the work that gets done. I set up a schedule, purchase materials for the job -I am reimbursed-and line out the days work. Somewhere along the way I make sure that everyone knows I do this for a living, give them a business card or two and tell them to give me a call for any work on their homes. It has lead to work for me, not a lot but some.

      I also have a connection with my local hardware store, you know the small ones that every town used to have on main street with a guy behind the counter for years. We have one here and the guys are always passing out my cards or at least my phone number and name. From them I have gotten the call to come and hang curtains in plaster walls which leads to a porch renovation. Once it was a wax ring on a toilet which lead to a bathroom remodel. I can count on at least one call a month depending on the weather. It seems that spring and fall are the busiest as folks get ready for the changing of the seasons.

      Last one I do not know how it will turn out. But I have been asked to be a speaker at our local library to talk about home repairs. This came about because one of the libriarians is a customer of mine plus they have a monthly meeting about some topic that is presented by a local person. Some topics might be knitting or home wine making, they had a cake decorator who has a business here. So I get to do one on home repairs. You can bet that everyone will go home with a brochure, a business card and maybe a few other handouts with my name and numbers all over them.