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    Re: The Process

    On a side-note... now that Rick's website is being linked from Mark's blog...

    Rick - you really need to get the get some pics up. All those empty folders start to look bad, after awhile. If I was a potential, I'd be worrying you're going to start my project, then forget about me. ;)

    Truth is just one man's explanation for what he thinks he understands. (Walter Mosley)


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      Re: The Process

      I appreciate Sonny Lykos's kind comments and link back to the Construction Marketing Ideas blog. The thread starter Candi Hilton's link on this thread is 'dead' but the Sonny's concept is certainly alive in practice -- Troy and Candi Hilton are now associated with Progressive Builders in Ft. Meyers, FL, which (of course) uses "The Process".
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        Re: The Process

        Thanks Tom, and the same to all of you guys. BTY, Candi and Troy Hilton's new employer is here:

        I'm thrilled to see all of the different aspects of "The Process" and that it is being used.

        I'm just finishing up a revised one pager I call "The Shorty Process" for those doing very small remodels and repair work. I'll upload it here later today for anyone interested.


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          Re: The Process

          For those here who do repairs and very small remodels, this may help you qualify those customers you want vs the bottom feeders. It sets the tone for your meeting with them. You just mail it to them the day they call so they receive it before the day of an appointment. It's works for me, and this is a revised version. I only use it for new customers, even if they are a referral.
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            Re: The Process


            that looks good; a continuing refinement from other short versions you have sent me
            Mark Parlee
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              Re: The Process

              Thanks, Mark. Like our Constitution now appears to be, it's a "living document."


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                Re: The Process

                I used my version of the short form yesterday - it saved me at least 4 hours of time, and just as importantly these days about 1/2 tank of gas.

                Got a chatty email from an unknown couple who just bought a condo at a ski area an hour north of me. They are going to replace kitchen & bath cabs, install new laminate flooring, swap out a bunch of light fixtures...can I meet them this week to give them a free estimate. No phone # or other contact info, just the email.

                I sent a brief email asking for a phone number and who referred them to me. I recieved a chatty response that reiterated it's a vacation condo, they're not here all the time and really want get going with the renovations and to meet this week so I can give them a free estimate. They've decided since their first email that they will supply all the materials. Still no other contact info and they used the words 'free estimate' several times.

                I emailed that I don't do 'free estimates', outlined my process, the time commitment from me to travel to them, create a detailed scope of work and that I charge a nominal fee ($100) for this service. If we moved forward with the job I would credit the fee to the project total so, in essence, the estimate is free. I also included a short list of questions regarding the condo association; permits, construction parking, construction hours, etc just to give them something to chew on.

                Recieved a terse one line response; "didn't know it was so much work, we will contact you if we decide to move forward".

                I'm betting there's at least 2 or 3 other guys who'll be jumping in their truck to meet this couple after Xmas because they didn't spend 15 minutes to qualify the customer or explain what's involved in a 'free estimate'. I won't be one of them.



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                  Re: The Process

                  Good for you. I've also found that tricking them sometimes works. Like during a phone call conversation asking them: "Hove you gotten ideas from other contractors?" which sometimes gets you: "Yes we have but.....", or "Maybe next week when we have another one scheduled to come out." In which case I say that I've found it's a bad idea for both parties for me to enter into reverse auctions, but thanks for calling me anyway.

                  People have no clue of the tremendous amount of time that goes into a calculated, written, detailed Proposal - or just don't care. I told one condo Board President last week that contrary as in politics, Proposals for free are NOT an "entitlement."


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                    Re: The Process

                    Hello Sonny and all..
                    Amazing this internet and how everything comes back around. We ar so fortunate to have met Sonny and the group @ JLC forums back in the early days of starting our own business. To all of you new to this thread...Soak up as much as you can as there are fantastic mentors here... To any of you that may not know how our lives have changed. Troy and I relocated to sunny SWFLA in September of 2004. We are chasing a dream of living in the sunshine and thru a mutual friend we found a great company to work with here. Doing what we love..Our business in Kansas was going well but it was time to move on and change the path. We were able to come here and use our knowledge and skill with a different company... A bit less stress as well.. We are blessed..
                    Feel free to email or chat. I'll be glad to contribute as time allows. Hope you are all well! take very good care!
                    Candi Hilton, CR