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    I am currently running a solo handyman / light construction business in the suburban Boston area. I am considering a move to Durham North Carolina area next year. I am concerned about moving and then restarting my business in an area where I don't know anyone.
    Has anyone up and moved their business ? How did it go ? Any info on the Durham area market would be great. I've done tons of research and been there already but it's something else to hear it from someone who is there. Thanks

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    Re: North Carolina market

    Dear Scott,

    I am not in Durham nor have I ever lived there. We are out of the mountains of NC (near Asheville.) However, Durham and the rest of the triangle are known for their constant flow of extremely high-end custom homebuilding. Not sure if this is what you're in. Also, if you do commercial contracting there is ALWAYS development in that sector, mainly hospital annexes, corporate offices, etc. Have known resi. contractors around here to drive the 200 mi. to the Durham area to build 2nd homes for mountain residents on the lake.

    It's too far away for my little company, although we did a small institutional job in Chapel Hill just last year. I do know that the pay scales (as well as materials) are slightly higher in the triangle cities. You should go for it, we'd love to have you. Thing about the south is you'll need to get used to driving quite a bit. Putting together a crew won't be hard. Check out the areas surrounding Durham. Chapel Hill, CARY, Raleigh, etc. Good luck and email me when ya get here!

    PS: GC licensing in NC has gotten easier. Sylvan-prometric exam, low fees. Get licensed before they change it!