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Reviews of Liability insurance providers?

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  • Reviews of Liability insurance providers?

    I am a one man, sole proprietor operation in NY state. I have been shopping around for a general liability policy and I am getting conflicting information from 2 insurance agents. (Each one is essentially telling me that the other company doesn't pay out on claims.)

    Since I am paying for this insurance I want it to really cover me, obviously, but I have no way to verify what they are telling me. And, of course, it is their job to sell policies so I'd like an objective review of these companies. (Erie and Farm Family are the two companies in question, btw.) I haven't been able to find any sort of useful information online. Thoughts?


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    Sounds like you have gone to a captive agent. Suggest you go to the local insurance agency / broker. Preferably one that works with contractors and tradesmen. They're plugged into several ins. companies.

    Just be on the lookout to be oversold....many thousands of $$$...A bit more humble agency will ask that you place your vehicles, home owner's with them along with a reasonable cost GL policy.

    Go to your nearest home builders assoc website - NAHB affiliated. They usually include ins brokers who are looking to do biz with contractors


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      Good advice. Thanks, Steve!