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Non-IC can recommendations please.

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  • Non-IC can recommendations please.

    Hi everyone. I am your newest member but I feel at home as my Dad was an electrician in London England in 50's 60'. I used to help him. Much has changed since then!! I moved to US in '65 and after Vietnam etc and much travel, we have had a house built in Florida. Soon after moving in a year ago, some of the 50+ 3 inch halogens started flashing - it was well after Christmas!. Turned out the contractors electrician had installed non-IC cans without telling anyone and the insulators covered them. Insulators came back and cleared away from most but some still flash. Their electrician has since been "moved on".

    The big questions:

    1. Do I insist on full replacement IC cans or is there a better way?

    I could change all the bulbs to LED. I have changed to LED bulbs in the kitchen area as I prefer the light (and the saving). This is no small undertaking with so many cans installed

    2. Could I be liable in the future - after selling the house or in the event of a fire - if halogens are refitted?

    I have read extensive discussions on this forum but did not really find clear answers

    I would appreciate any advice.

    Best wishes to all.

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    Change them out to LED and don't worry about it.