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Clerestory window framing

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  • Clerestory window framing

    what is the proper method to frame a clerestory for fixed glass when you have no load baring walls under it to support it, I understand to place a beam on the under side to carry the weight but how do you tie the underside roof joist

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    Re: Clerestory window framing

    This is how we are planning on doing it:

    Think of the main load carrier as the beam below the clerestory opening. That "main beam" is set up as clearspan between gable walls or with intermediary posts.

    The lower roof is carried by rafter hangers on the "main beam". Use doubled or tripled 2x4 or 6 as your vertical framing up to a top plate and then on that goes the upper roof ridge board (wouldn't hurt to double that too since the upper roof rafters will probably fall at points between the clerestory verts)

    Now, if you are more than a 3 or 4 in 12 pitch the next concern is a force vector trying to pull the clerestory wall over towards the upper roof. To avoid that we plan on tying the ridge board to the main beam by drilling 9/16" holes/using available space and installing 1/2" threaded rod with nuts and fender washers top and bottom.

    If there are any structural PEs reading, Iam curious what you think.