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Building a Sturdy Gate

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  • Building a Sturdy Gate

    I need to build a gate for my storage yard, it will probably be two gate doors that are 4' 6'' wide each, total finish opening 9' wide and about 7' high.

    Any suggestions on designs for a long lasting gate?
    I was going to do a 4x4 boxed frame with a 45 degree 4x4 from corner to corner, set inside the boxed frame. All lagged together at each corner.
    Roller wheel at non hinge side on each door. Finish face of box with RW boards.

    Is there a better way? Gate will be painted as it is under a metal roof that covers my storage area.

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    Re: Building a Sturdy Gate

    1.5-in dia. galvanized steel tube gate frames, welded.
    4-in dia. galvanized steel tube hinge posts; serve as protective bollards at opening.
    Apply RW board cladding with screws.
    Lighter-weight and more durable than wood.