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Woodstove pipe passing thru cathedral ceiling

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  • Woodstove pipe passing thru cathedral ceiling

    I need to run a woodstove pipe through a cathedral ceiling to the outside and have never done this before. So, I'm looking for some advice on particular methods/products.

    The stove is in a small cabin with a cathedral ceiling and exposed timber rafters. The pipe will pass through the living space, between the rafters and through the interior sheathing (shiplapped pine), through a 12" cavity of dense-packed cellulose, then through the exterior sheathing (1/2" plywood), and out the metal roof.

    Does the pipe need some sort of structural support as it passed through the ceiling (MetalBest has a product thats a double-walled pipe with metal "wings" that screw into joists or blocking)? If so, what products to people recommend (particularly, whats cheap?)?

    How can I isolate the pipe from the dense-pack cellulose around it (which hasnt been blown yet)? Some sort of shield?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Woodstove pipe passing thru cathedral ceiling

    The manufacturer will have guidelines to help you, as will the local AHJ.

    Why, oh why, is it that the word "cheap" is used in conditions which dictate fire possibility, or structural failure?? Simply follow the mfg instructions...and don't cheap out the installation!
    Take Care



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      Re: Woodstove pipe passing thru cathedral ceiling

      I am with Jim on this one.
      What is cheaper? Spending a few bucks on something to prevent a fire or rebuilding the cabin from the ground up when the old one burns to the ground?
      Do it correctly with UL listed materials only.
      I have seen many charred pieces of wood where wood stoves were installed as cheaply as possible. They were just lucky.