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Amateur to frame and build small shed

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  • Amateur to frame and build small shed

    I'm too old to frame now, but I enjoy doing plans and engineering for others. My nephew the organic farmer and math teacher asked me to draw him instructions for building a thing he saw online. It is a 12 x 16 shed with a sleep loft, and he wants it for his summertime work hand. The prototype was built in Hawaii and all members were sawn redwood timber-sized stuff, not lumberyard 2x material.

    He has a good sawmill source nearby for making him about anything he might need in either eastern white pine or eastern white cedar, and we decided together after I first modeled it up as the prototype was built, to retain the roof and loft frame as done in sawn timbers, but do the walls using 2x materials in SPF from the nearby yard.

    The pics attached here are from my software and represent it much like the prototype, except that the prototype has circular windows in the upper gables to light the sleep loft, and a skylight over. We have all rectangular windows, and the sizes you see as are in Hawaii.

    Mr Nephew will use salvage stuff for his windows and doors, so who knows what will turn up and in what sizes.

    He bought his timbers for the roof frame and loft frame per lists I gave him. His site is a high and dry spot back in the woods a little from a meadow, and he is going ahead building its foundation and deck. We won't get into that, and will focus on building and raising walls and roof.

    Next post will discuss framing.

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    Here is a link to my model of it in 3D and to produce this one I used Sketchup. The Sketchfab app lets you look inside and all around and in close up detail at just about anything you like.

    The walls in this model are framed using 4x4s with sawn-in rebates, a detail that was used to facilitate the interior finish scheme used in Hawaii.

    Attached is an image of the model, framed, created with Chief Architect software, and in this version, we show the walls framed in 2x4s, as it will be built by Mr Nephew.

    The view I show in which some members are yellow was done to emphasize to him that window openings in the load path of the roof or loft frame must be headed properly.
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      nice drawings and nice looking building. I think it might be a bit over built but will certainly be sturdy. A project like this is something that should not break the bank, probably the roof system is the hardest part of the job and is something that will challenge him but probably not frustrate him into giving up.

      Send us some pictures as he progresses.


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        And then here is what I give him so he can build it. He's a very bright guy, and a math teacher, so he can figure everything from this, without owning a construction calculator.

        This pic shows the one and only thing I give him for walls. The little 3-page 8.5x11 plan set also gives him roof framing and loft framing plans and details.
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          And here is a link to a story about the building of the prototype, with a nice video.


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            Has he seen the video and seen how much help he has for the project? Not something to build and raise walls by yourself. Seems like a great project tho.


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              He's got more help than the guy in Hawaii, and I expect some good construction sequence videos shot with his camera drone.