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Dewalt 712 Sliding Miter Saw

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  • Dewalt 712 Sliding Miter Saw

    I have finally saved enough to buy myself a miter saw. I was pretty sold on the 706, both due to good reviews here and the fact that I have used the 705 for years in a number of different shops.

    I am not a full time finish carpenter and don't really hang crown much. I will use the saw more for general shop use, occasionally using it for trim jobs as I get them.

    I am tempted by the increased crosscut capacity of the slider, while still maintaining the light weight of the 706 (43 pounds). I have ruled out the big slider both because of price, weight and size.

    Have any of you used this saw? What were your impressions? I know a lot of DW bashing goes on, but I think their miter saws are hard to beat. I have made thousands of cuts on the 705's and never had one problem.

    Thanks, as always, for your advice.


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    Re: Dewalt 712 Sliding Miter Saw

    i have that 12" mitersaw and i am finish by trade .i have been able to use a handheldsaw and guide for wide material .but since mostly i work for contractors there is one on sight. I supply the small and speciallity tools let someone else lug that boat anchor .Though mine is always on sight and saw of my choice ,i have an excellent table setup and this saw will do most everything .


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      Re: Dewalt 712 Sliding Miter Saw

      Just to clarify...

      The Dewalt slider I'm referring to is the new 8 1/2", not the big 12".




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        Re: Dewalt 712 Sliding Miter Saw

        Kit: I'd think it comes down to what you'll use the saw for most. If you're crosscutting stock wider than a 1x8 all the time, a slider is great.
        (The DW706 does a 1x8).

        Unfortunately, with the smaller sliders, what you gain in crosscut capacity, you lose in vertical capacity. The DW712 will miter 3 1/4 base--anything taller and you have to bevel it, and it only bevels one way. I'd think that the first time you had run 5 1/2 base or wrap columns with 1x6 boots you'd be disappointed. Same deal with crown--you'll have to cut 4 1/4 on the flat, and that's much easier to do if the saw double bevels.
        My two cents? If you need the crosscut capacity, look extra hard at the Makita and Hitachi ten inch. They're both superb saws, they both double bevel, and the stock blades are far better than the stock DW blades. (If you bought the DW712 and a good blade, you're within twenty dollars of the Makita 1013). On the other hand, if you're not cutting wider than a 1x8 all the time, the DW706 is a great saw. Once you get used to the vertical capacity, you're really spoiled, and for a good price, too.


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          Re: Dewalt 712 Sliding Miter Saw

          I am not a big DeWalt fan in general but their 706 12" miter saw has proven to be a very good saw. I like the fact that you can cut fairly large crown in position and large baseboard standing up. I have the large 12" slider but don't use any more because the 706 model does every thing I need. A smaller diameter slide saw could handle large material but you would be cutting on the flat. Cutting in position is really much nicer.


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            Re: Dewalt 712 Sliding Miter Saw

            When I need to cut wider stock the 706 is accurate enough that I can flip the work over and finsh the cut and still get a very accurate cut. I rarely pull out my slider unless I am doing stairs or built-ins. The ability to cut taller material is more valuable to me.


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              Re: Dewalt 712 Sliding Miter Saw

              My next slider will be the 708. I now have an LS 1013 Makita, but have found the slop in the stops unbearable over time (and getting harder to keep on track). It's fine for decking, but for trimwork it stinks. My lead carpenter (who's now on the way to Iraq to help rebuild their phone system) has a 705 and I love it...I'm convinced and will have a Dw by springtime.

              I like the dual horizontal rails of the 8.5...wonder if they'll switch the 708 over to that design next time around?