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Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

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  • Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

    I need to read/diiiig FOG more, but can anyone shed some light.
    I'm using the 36mm hose right onto the Kapex and TS75.
    If I recall, and I guess I may need to purchase a stepdown adapter, but there were blurbs about using the 27mm hose for this. Not sure was it just due to bulk or there was a performance purpose for this.

    Are there any aftermarket sandpapers ya'll are using with your festool system ? The only festool abrasive we have is the 6" RO for the 150.

    Using abranet for the ceros, and well as sheets for this hand held *flex* flathead manual sander we have.

    Just ordered a RTS400. We'll see how standard the size is on that unit for sheets....

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    Re: Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

    Not sure I understand you correctly but the 36mm hose is the right hose for both the Kapex and the TS75. One end of the hose fits over (friction) the dust port on each tool.

    To my knowledge the RTS does not take standard sized sheets (cut down etc.) paper. It's a great little sander.
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      Re: Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

      You need the 27mm hose for the sander.

      RTS has propriety paper. I have the DTS, great sander.


      Check with the AHJ, what we say doesn't matter.


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        Re: Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

        Ive been on the FOG regularly since 2007 i have never heard of anyone using a non festool sandpaper on a featool sander. I have five of there sanders, all of which the sandpaper attaches the same way. I believe its called StickFix system. Dont hold me to it with the DTS, but pretty sure it wouldnt work out. Rubin is great and the new Granat lasts really long. If you havent tried 220 Brilliant to sand drywall with the RO 150, it is amazing, Eric


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          Re: Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

 . generally get mine from these guys . sometimes I think it is alot better but really can't say for sure .


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            Re: Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

            U guys brave enough to use your Green tools to sand mud.
            It's a tool afterall ....

            I did that with my Ceros but that was because it was paint and mud that I wanted to remove with 40Grit Abranet paper.

            Hell, I use the CT26 for wood and the Fein Turbo II is my beater, in which that is the one I use for mud, debris , etc.

            Gotta try that 150 with Mud. I'd be curious to see how much dust it captures.

            Just got some Granat sponges in. Have not had a chance to put it through it's paces


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              Re: Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

              Chef, you wanna use 220 Brilliant on mud with the RO 150. How do you think they came up with the idea for the Planex? You dont even have to be good at taping and the sander will take care of everything, Eric


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                Re: Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

                Call me old school but depending on the joint I'm sanding, on the final sand, I will use a hand sanding sponge to get a better feel...


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                  Re: Festool Sandpaper and Hoses....

                  I rarely even plastic anymore, unless im doing a whole room, but if its just a patch then definitely not. No complaints. Whatever dust doesnt get sucked up falls directly below, usually on the baseboard, but never in the room and you already have a vac with you to suck it up. My clients are always very impressed and pleased. I do occasionally use an air hose to blow out the RO150 and I have drywall only filters and separate wood filters. Check it out, Eric