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Smartside or?

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  • Smartside or?

    I am planning a new home build for me and my family.
    Does any one have experience with Lp's Smartside? I was thinking about using a Hardie product until one of the guys I work with told me he used and liked the Smartside.

    I know this may not be the right forum, but thanks for the help!



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    Re: Smartside or?

    I have used the siding and the corner boards. For siding, it is ok, on par with the hardboard products. For corner boards, and especially fascia, I would not use it, period.

    I would go with almost any option over the smart side. If it was my house, I would use Miratec for the corners and fascia. Second to that, I choose the reversible (Weyerhauser I think?) hardboard product, then Fiber cement, then

    I say this for two reasons: 1) check out the smart side corner boards at the lumber yard, it's ugly. 2) I replace a lot of windows, and trouble shoot a lot of water leaks in general. Any time the smart side was the cladding, if water got behind it, it failed in more dramatic manner, and much more quickly than the other products I've mentioned. It also behaves more like a sponge than any of the other materials.


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      Re: Smartside or?

      I love fiberboard siding. I make some money every year tearing it off homes where the sprinklers sprayed on it or it wasn't primed right or it was too close to the ground or the joints weren't maintained or... And that's in a warm dry California climate. Usually replace it with some filbert cement siding.


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        Re: Smartside or?

        Is there any siding product that can withstand that kind of abuse?