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Thinking about your storage?

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  • Thinking about your storage?

    Deleted by GKatz
    Last edited by Gary Katz; 04-25-2012, 06:23 PM. Reason: Spam

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    Re: Thinking about your storage?

    Would you fill out your profile. Could it be that you're trying to sell something here? Are you a professional in the home building or home improvement field?


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      Re: Thinking about your storage?

      Originally posted by joe-reliable View Post
      There are certain areas of your home that are constantly in use, the kitchen, the bathroom, and closets for example. These places need to be easier to access than others, ...

      Thank god we finally straightened that one out. In your face all you people who have been putting the kitchens in the attic!
      Josh O.

      "If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all. "

      - Michelangelo-


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        Re: Thinking about your storage?

        Prediction: Joe will be back shortly to edit his post and add a link.
        Bailer Hill Construction, Inc. - Friday Harbor, WA
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          Re: Thinking about your storage?

          I hope he defines "constantly" and "use"
          Donald on the basis of his net worth valuation-

          "...feelings, even my own feelings, and that can change rapidly day to day"


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            Re: Thinking about your storage?

            If we ever needed peer moderators the time is now!!!! Where are our beloved peer moderators when we need them?!?!?!? Arggghhh!?!?!?! And...what's another word for Arggghhh?
            Richie Poor

            See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, value engineer your unit prices.


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              Re: Thinking about your storage?

              Sorry Richie, can't help you in this forum.

              Gary should be by shortly.


              Check with the AHJ, what we say doesn't matter.


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                Re: Thinking about your storage?

                My goodness...what a bunch of babies!!! First you respond to the guy, then you comment about ARRRGGGGHHH SPAM. Come on. Haven't you learned? Just ignore this crap.