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  • Off to a new Path...

    At least for a short time....

    I just got recruited by a local Architectural Design firm to spear head their molding and millwork design. The position is very niche and is one that will blossom in time as we work it all out. They like that I am capable and have installation experience (17 years) and am not directly tied to one mill or source. Unlike the current molding guy.

    I contacted them awhile back and showed them my SU work, just thinking I could get in as an installer. They were impressed with my designs as they also draw up trim details but use Chief architect or another CAD software. However they do not put actual molding profiles in the designs, so they cannot spec materials, take offs ETC. They need a specialist like me to put together spec drawings for take off and bidding. Its an opportunity to work with a talented team of young architects and designers, and I will be surrounded by design enthusiasts. Not to mention some of the most upper end homes in the bay area, with much larger budgets to work with.

    My first project starting Monday...a 10k sqft custom home with just about every architectural detail one can think of, needing to be worked out....after that a 7k home with a stain grade French country interior...I said YES!!!! Steady work is a good thing.

    So for a time I will be turning in my Festools (to my Dad, who will be training another helper) for SU, Layout, and a new MacPRO (later this year when the new ones come out) and my bjorklader work wear for Dockers and slacks (ok Jeans:)

    Its a bitter sweet temporary farewell, but it will move me into where I have always wanted to be, with the freedom to bring back the details of old, and to literally be apart of a GET YOUR HOUSE RIGHT team. No more crappy MDF, weak profiles, understated trim work, after thought details that don't fit properly.

    Sadly, it does semi end what my dad and I have going...but he wants this for me, and will be ok. The exciting thing is that He will actually make more money this way...Because he won't have to pay me and will be getting all my festools, and lasers LOL :D I'll still be around to help here and there...or at least to check in and make sure my tools are still clean. :)

    At last I will (humbly) be able to call myself a real Architectural Designer, or at least feel like one. I have LOTS to learn...but I will be in the environment that promotes and encourages it....
    Thank you all so much, I do credit you fellow JLC members who I have battled with and learned from and Todd M for all the SU help. I guess I'll be owing you some training fees next time I ask for help. :) and GaryK for.........just EVERYTHING, you have done so much!!. Words cant express how I feel about this forum and what I have learned and taken away from all of you, even if its what NOT to do (Kreg) LOL. Just teasing my last piece of design advice...Get those 3 centered arches going on your built-ins already will yah! LOL :D

    To where ever the tide of life takes us!
    Jesse Wright

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    Re: Off to a new Path...

    Buen suerte - sounds right up your alley....
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      Re: Off to a new Path...

      Hey Jesse, congratulations on your new position. I feel the same way about this place as you do. Make sure you keep coming back and helping us with design! I bet you'll keep making saw dust too! It's in our soul...


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        Re: Off to a new Path...

        Good for you, Jesse. It's obvious you like to draw, but as Kent said you'll look for every opportunity to get dusty in the field. Now help the rest of us with SU. ;)
        Richie Poor

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          Re: Off to a new Path...

          Congratulations Jesse! Sounds like a great opportunity. I don't doubt for a minute that you'll be a great asset to the company. And to think there will be someone drawing millwork details that has actually cut a piece of crown on a jobsite! Good luck.



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            Re: Off to a new Path...

            Sounds like a great fit Jesse. Now you can really get paid for all that learning you love so much! Keep up the trim blunder album, though. Be well- you will be a fine asset there just as you always have been here.
            Josh O.

            "If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all. "

            - Michelangelo-


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              Re: Off to a new Path...

              Congratulations Jesse! You know you can't quit us, lol! It's to their benefit that they are getting someone that not only can design, but knows how it has to go together.
              Don't be a stranger ;-)

              It's better to try and fail, than fail to try.


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                Re: Off to a new Path...

                Best to you Jesse. I hope it meets your expectations and dreams.


                Check with the AHJ, what we say doesn't matter.


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                  Re: Off to a new Path...

                  Sounds like a great opportunity and well deserved given your talent, passion and hard work.

                  Joe Adams
                  Deep Creek Builders, Inc.
                  Houston, Texas


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                    Re: Off to a new Path...

                    Congratulations Jesse ! I think it is a great opportunity and a perfect fit for you.

                    I have really enjoyed your posts, web site, and constructive criticisms. I'm sure you will still be posting. Keep us up to date on how the new job is going.

                    Wishing you the best,

                    Bruce B.

                    If it takes me twice as long to build something, does that make it "Half Fast" ?


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                      Re: Off to a new Path...

                      Congrats and good luck to you Jesse!


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                        Re: Off to a new Path...

                        Hi Jesse,
                        Congratulations on your new career. You have so much to offer the design world with your knowledge. I hope you will share it with the rest of us.
                        If you are ever interested in becoming a teacher or writer, keep me in mind as I would like to be one of your first students.
                        I went to college during the 70s when everything was "anti establishment" and "white" was in. We were not taught the classical details and to this day I regret what I missed.
                        Your input on this forum has been inspiring to me and I am sure others
                        Best wishes. I am sure you will do well.
                        The bad news the pay in architecture profession generally SUCKS!!!


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                          Re: Off to a new Path...

                          Congratulations! I am sure you will do well.
                          This is a great opportunity for you and your family.
                          You will learn a lot about working for and with others.
                          Remember your greatest asset (other than your design skills) is your experience running and building your own business.
                          Most employees would love to run their own company but never have and most don't have a clue about getting and keeping a customer.
                          I will miss reading about and seeing your projects here and on Facebook.
                          Good luck.
                          Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.
                          Andy Warhol


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                            Re: Off to a new Path...

                            Did Dad get your new Domino XL? :-(


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                              Re: Off to a new Path...

                              Congrats on this new path

                              Hopefully you will still show us things that some of us will only be able to dream about. Enjoy the challenges and show us some of your new work.