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Anyone work in Santa Cruz?

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  • Anyone work in Santa Cruz?

    I've got a long time customer that is in the process of buying an existing house in Santa Cruz (Ca.) and is looking for a finish carpenter to do some modifications to the interior trim. Change doors, add crown, maybe add some other trim, build a couple of built-ins etc.

    If anyone is interested, send me a PM and I will pass your name along. Not sure of the exact timing - just sometime in the next year.



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    Re: Anyone work in Santa Cruz?

    Catspaw you should go do the job in the fall its real nice there an vacation time added and all travel a most lodging is deductible... the back way up the hill by way of hwy9 an 35 to frisco is worth the trip.


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      Re: Anyone work in Santa Cruz?

      Actually she did ask me if I wanted to take a road trip and do it myself. But I here that they have pesky things like licences and codes and inspectors that we don't have in Vermont. So I'd have to do the job under the table and then I couldn't claim my expenses!


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        Re: Anyone work in Santa Cruz?

        Rich for interior trim there would be no need for inspections / permits; but you would have to get a CA license and that is pretty much a huge hassle.

        I do not live there anymore; but there are plenty of decent contractors there that pay attention to detail and work with in the historical context of the house. Just have her do the usual - and have her specifically look at past similar jobs done. I do not have a specific recommendation.

        Just warn her that if the swell is right - no work will be done that day. :)
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          Re: Anyone work in Santa Cruz?

          I'm up for that. I sent you an e-mail.