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  • Deck over bulkhead

    Anyone got a good detail for building a deck over an exterior bulkhead door? I know it can be done, but I want it to be a slick detail, not a clumsy one. Due to the elevations of this deck, the portion above the bulkhead would have to be raised 24" at minimum from the rest of the deck. Seems clumsy and an awkward use of space to me. Any thoughts?
    - Rob

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    Re: Deck over bulkhead

    why not make a removable flooring section of the deck? Got any pics to share??

    It's better to try and fail, than fail to try.


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      Re: Deck over bulkhead

      Sorry no pic on this. But I was hoping for some pics of a detail like this.
      I am conceiving of either a hinged or sliding section of decking that covers the bulkhead area. I think a fully "removable" section might be too cumbersome.
      What I don't like about this particular job is that the top of the sloped metal bulkhead is well above the elevation of the finished decking, requiring this section to be raised. What do you do with that space? Too big for a bench, maybe a day bed? A small stage? I guess it's, up to the owners; they are into the detail, not me, so I guess they can live with it for what it is. Still, looking for suggestions. - Rob


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        Re: Deck over bulkhead

        Check PDB. I think they had an article on building one with mechanical assist.
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