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Convert old door knobs to work with new

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  • Convert old door knobs to work with new

    I have a client that wants to use old fashioned mortise style door knobs in an 8 year old house. Does anyone sell a kit to convert the square shank knobs designed for a mortise lock to work with the standard half-moon locksets that are used today. The client does not want to replace all the interior doors with wood slabs that could be mortised, hence the need for a work around.

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    Re: Convert old door knobs to work with new

    Look at Baldwin or Emtek, they have "new" old style knobs with modern thru bore locksets. By halfmoon, I presume they are Quikset and not worth the effort to modify. You are also going to have to modify the rosette.
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      Re: Convert old door knobs to work with new

      If you are wanting to reuse the old knobs with a new non-mortise latch common Schlage f series [I believe] should accommodate but you should verify several of the restoration hardware places carry them as well as most decent hardware/locksmiths.
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        Re: Convert old door knobs to work with new

        We use and recommend Emtek. They are very cool.

        But if you want the real deal, and have the $$$ these are what you want..

        Ive only installed a few of them...and they are amazing!
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