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Prehung door quality?

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  • Prehung door quality?

    I would like to hear what others run into on the job. I'm just a young rookie so I haven't seen alot. The other day I installed all prehung interior doors for new construction.These were pre-primed hollow core masonite from Home depot. I know home depot door types vary around the country, but these had the door stop already installed.
    With that said, out of the 19 doors I installed, about 13 of them had quality issues. The top hinge on two doors was not routed out so the hinge was sticking out. I messed around for 15 minutes trying to get the first door plumb before I noticed the problem. I then pulled of the hinges and used a wood chisel to fix the problem. (From then on I checked every door before I started!) Also most of the hinges on all the doors had gaps around them (the recess was too big!)
    Another big issue was the door stops. Most of the stops on the hinge side were tight to the door. I think there is going to be an issue when the doors are painted with the door hitting the stop on closing! Many of the stops were not parallel with the outside of the jamb. With the door and jamb level and plumb when I close to check gaps betwee door and door stop, every door is different. Some hit at top with 3/16" gap at bottom, some hip at bottom first, and others actually hit at the latch (like a bannana)! Seems like I spend more time tweeking the door after its up due to quality issues than actually putting the door up.
    I am going to tweek all the stops when I do casing next week, but I would like to hear what a typical gap should be between the door and door stop on the hinge side? Are there any tricks to tweeking the door stops other than a hammer and a block? Some of them need to be moved so much I may try and take them off without breaking and re-nail.
    Also what prehung doors have you guys installed which are good quality?

    Sheesh!, where are the quality control people at some of these manufacturers? They must be sleeping on the job or just dont care!


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    Re: Prehung door quality?

    Simple... Prehung interior doors from HD are horrible. I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. Door and casing reveals are inconsisant. Door slabs have moved...warped/cupped/twisted etc.

    Order doors from a real lumber yard that does alot of trim orders. If you can't, then buy the HD slabs and make your own jambs and case them off yourself.


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      Re: Prehung door quality?

      It helps if you search before asking.


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        Re: Prehung door quality?

        Thanks,.....I actually recall reading that threat a few weeks ago.
        My memory must be goin' ta hell!



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          Re: Prehung door quality?

          I know Bill had the other related post, but ditto on the Masonite's from HD. I hung 15 Masonite Palazzo series this week (special ordered...)

          and I think this was the worst batch of doors I have ever seen.

          1. Hinge mortising horrible. Some hinges proud the jamb, and others 1/16" recessed. Big gaps all around mortise.

          2. Almost all screws on doors and jambs overspun and stripped out. (my opinion also too small and too short.

          3. Some jambs badly bowed. On one door, jamb was flush with drywall at the top and bottom, and 3/4" proud at the middle. I thought at first it was a framing or drwall issue, but it was the jamb.

          4. Two jambs too tight - zero reveal both sides.

          5. Almost all doors too tight to jamb at hinge side.

          6. 3 bowed doors.

          7. Couple of doors not beveled.

          8. One door had a 5/16" reveal up top.

          9. Door stops all over the place.

          10. Primer on jambs very brittle, would flake off in chunks.

          11. Doors looked like they were primed in same room that they cut, surface almost like a 60 grit sandpaper in spots.

          12. And bifold doors were even messed up. I thought how could these fight me... they did. I usually pencil a line with a straight edge or level for the center of the track. Screwed in tracks (72" closet opening) and right set of bifolds were closing a 1/4" forward of the left set. I felt up top and then looked, and sure enough, the hole on the left side was drilled off center. Easy enough fix, but still, what sloppy quality control!

          My suggestions -
          *Don't buy if you are ordering.
          *Don't recommend these to H.O. if they ask for recommendation.
          *Charge a heafty P.I.T.A premium if you know ahead of time that you will be hanging these doors.



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            Re: Prehung door quality?

            Originally posted by always-learning View Post

            It helps if you search before asking.
            Bill was talking about exterior doors. Are there any high-quality hollow-core interior doors out there?


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              Re: Prehung door quality?

              The best place to get quality prehungs where I live is from the lumber and trim supply yards. The ones for contractors, not homeowners.


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                Re: Prehung door quality?

                HD and Lowes exterior pre-hungs are even worse!

                You can spot some of the bad ones as soon as you pull them out of the rack. Others have quality issues that you can't see until you start the install.

                With interior doors, I've bought plenty of HD or Lowes slabs and done the hanging myself. No quality issues with the plain slabs .... since there is less for them to screw up :)


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                  Re: Prehung door quality?

                  Part of the problem with pre-hungs at the home centers is the way they handle the doors.

                  Just because the pre-hungs have cardboard on the corners and the plastic bracket in the lock bore doesn't mean they can toss them around. I see cracked or broken jambs all the time. What a shame.


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                    Re: Prehung door quality?

                    A common defect is staples missing the head jamb.
                    I have never seen one as bad as the one I installed today.
                    Two staples missed the head jamb on this one.
                    I cought it when I was begining the installation.
                    I bought it at Lowe's.
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                      Re: Prehung door quality?

                      I have never really had good experience with pre hungs. It seems that at least two out of every five are in horrible condition, meaning staples missing, reveals completely different, bowed slabs, hinges mortised to deep, ect. I just come to expect it now and have learned to deal most of the problems.

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