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67 inch closet opening, bifold doors?

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  • 67 inch closet opening, bifold doors?

    Can I use 2 mirrored bifolds of different sizes, 30" and 36" to close this
    opening, the house had 2-36" sliding doors before.
    Has anyone ever seen such a combination?

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    Re: 67 inch closet opening, bifold doors?

    you can, but it might look funny. you can custom order the correct size if you want, which would be the best way to go.
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      Re: 67 inch closet opening, bifold doors?


      Its gonna look wacky. Can you close down the jamb? If not, what about installing a stationary piece on either side against the jamb legs (approx. 3-1/4" each), painted into the jambs, flush to the face of the doors, and mount the two 30 inch bifolds in farther from the jamb?
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        Re: 67 inch closet opening, bifold doors?

        Thanks for the replies and both were sound contributions. I think I will go with the cm's idea.