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  • New Jersey Carpenter Needed

    I recieved this note from a New Jersey Resident. I thought this might be a good place to ask if anyone knows a carpenter in that area. If you do, please post some contact information here and Paul will pick it up.

    I had hired a $100/hr carpenter to replace some rotten windowsills and mouldings on several large picture windows in my home. After climbing out on the roof to examine the progress of the work I noticed that it was very poorly done. First, he made the pitch of the windowsills almost nonexistent so that water just pools on them rather than running off. His cuts were way off and he attempted to cover the errors up with huge amounts of caulk inserted sloppily. I understand that making things fit nicely during a renovation of a pre-existing house is more challenging than building new, but his work was far far from acceptable. It didn't even look like he tried to make things appear "finished".

    When I discussed the progress of his work with him in order to find a way to improve things going forward, he said that what he had done was the best he could do and he walked off the job taking the materials I had already paid for after having received more than half of the price of the job. He left my house in a disassembled state so that rain now pours in. Now I am faced with trying to protect my house from weather damage until I can find an honest competent carpenter to fix and finish his work.

    Can you please please recommend an honest competent finish carpenter in northern NJ? I would be very grateful.

    Thank you,

    Paul A. Majewski

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    Re: New Jersey Carpenter Needed

    Mr Majewski,

    I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience with this contractor. I'm certain your trust factor of contractors has dropped off substantially. I also am sure I can help you out with your predicament. My company is based out of Central Valley NY, in Southern Orange County. My range for projects includes Northern Bergen Co.. I don't know where your residence is located, but if you can't find a contractor locally, and are interested please feel free to contact me.

    (845) 928-9925
    NB Custom Renovations


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      Re: New Jersey Carpenter Needed

      Mr. Majewski--

      I too am located in New Jersey. I am based in Princeton, but may be willing to travel if you cannot find a local contractor. There are a few other NJ carpenters who post here. I am sure onr of us can help you out.

      Eric Doherty
      Black Dog Carpentry


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        Re: New Jersey Carpenter Needed

        I do finishwork and completions of walkoffs in Morris Co area


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          Re: New Jersey Carpenter Needed

          Mr. Majewski, I am a carpenter based in central NJ. I do a lot of remodels, finish work and renovations with very good references. If you would like to contact me I would be happy to discuss your situation and I am willing to travel.

          Thank you,
          Gene Giegerich

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            Re: New Jersey Carpenter Needed

            I am also based out of central NJ. Where are you at. I'd like to take a look at your work. e-mail me if interested

            I might have some mouldings in the shop you can have. If I can find some that are suitable, I'd be happy to get them out of the shop.
            DLRC inc. A full service Construction and Renovation company.

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