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    Hiya guys, i just found this forum yesterday and i'm loving it. I live in Southington Ohio just about 10 minutes from Middlefield where all the Amish live. I worked at a cabinet factory for 6 years then was convinced to work with an amish crew doing finish work. The crew i got involved with (luckily) were incredibly good. So i really learned from the best although they wouldn't let me do a whole lot more than base and casing. I have helped hang a ton of crown and built some outrageous all wood dens with built in's and every fancy detail imaginable. I dont' really have a good handle on cutting crown but i'm good at hanging it. We did all the exterior trim and cedar siding on Al Lerner's daughters house. It was 17,000 sq. feet!! Al Lerner is the guy that owned MBNA Mastercard. So anyhow i've had some really outrageous experience and top notch teaching. I figured out that i wasn't gonna be the guy getting the great pay because i'm not amish though. Anyhow i'm starting on my own now with one of the amish guys that "Yanked over" he's one of us now if you've never heard of it. He is 23 and has been working with my old boss since he was 14. Cutting crown at the age of 16 so you can imagine how good he is. (and unbelievably fast)
    I'm looking for some tips on advertising and building a solid customer base. We've got the experience, speed and quality of work to do some damage but need some advice in the right direction. We do decks, flooring, rails and everything in between.
    so hit me up with some wonderful advice on what direction to go and "not go"

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    Re: Amish Carpenters

    Hey, why don't you tell us something about how the Amish do all their work without the use of electrical tools.
    How they go around that issue.
    Tell us anything you think is unconventional to us but not to them.
    They sound like a beautiful group of people to work with.
    Since you are new here. If you don't get a good response on this forum take a look at the left of the screen and click on "Business Strategies" in the Peer to Peer section.
    There's a bunch of guys there in the same wavelength you are, talking about similar issues.


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      Re: Amish Carpenters

      Here is one good tip. Get to know a real estate agent or two and show them your work. People always ask them for referrals. Good luck.


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        Re: Amish Carpenters

        Thanks for the replies. The amish are very much not understood. They are just like anyone else. There are good carpenters and bad ones!!! It's funny that most everyone thinks they are superhuman tradesman. Luckily the ones i worked with were outstanding though. They use every single tool that we all use. Everything is electric!! Hell, i don't know one amish guy that doesn't have a stinking generator in his shop at the moment. Most of them have regular mowers. Not riding mowers but self propelled 48" stand behinds. Some use gang mowers behind a small pony too. The guys I worked with have all kinds of "new" specialty tools too. They ALL have cell phones too. Even just teenage kids that don't run a dang business have cell phones now. The one kid that worked with our crew, his mother has a pager for Petes Sake! Pretty funny huh. Let me know if you have any other questions. And keep the tips rolling.