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    Has anyone used melamine closet systems from If no one has experience with their system, can anyone recommend a top shelf (no pun intended) components manufacturer in the mid Atlantic region. Looking for components for a fairly simple master closet that is a hung system.

    Twenty five years ago I did several of these with components made by a company in MI and distributed through a company in SE PA. That company seems to have vanished. I got a few numbers from other online fabricators and it seems prices are somewhat scattered for identical layouts. A recommendation would be appreciated.
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    Calvert, I think I know the MI company you are talking about, I bough a few systems from them years ago. They were decent components.

    I no longer screw around with those types of systems. I have several local shops that do nothing but closet systems and they make everything to order in their shops and they install them for me. All at not much more cost then buying components like I did before and trying to fit their components into the space. Much, much happier with the results.


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      CCF Industries in Apollo PA makes closet components now. Excellent products and customer service. They burned down a few years ago, but they are finally back and better than ever.


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        I did make a commitment on Monday for the job from a fabricator in NY. They were able to trim about a week from their original schedule which made the customer happy.

        A few other fabricators I spoke to were 4-6 weeks out.

        SQUAREPEG, I did speak to CCF but they seemingly only do drawer and door components. This particular installation does not have either but thanks for the lead and the firm may certainly be a good source in the future.


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          Calvert, what is shipping costs on those materials? It seems there is a lot of weight associated with those products so it would seem that shipping has to cost a bunch. Plus I would be interested in hearing from you about how they package the materials. Having worked on a truck line I can tell you not everyone is careful with how things get packed in the truck so if it is not packaged right it is going to come in damaged.


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            Mark, the reason I chose the fabricator was somewhat based on the fact that they are within a reasonable driving distance so I could pick it up and avoid the possible shipping disasters. I also felt a little more comfortable with them since I had visited their facility a few years ago and the owner walked me through the shop. Originally, their lead time was, what I thought, excessive but after speaking to others I came to realize closet system fabricators are quite busy. Ultimately, they were able to trim several days off their projected completion time.

            In my investigation of the other suppliers, I found that some offer "free" shipping but the price was 25 to 30 percent higher for the same layout (I did the design).

            While "" had a somewhat lower price for the components, I never got to the point where we determined shipping costs since they told me they had a 5-6 week lead time.

            I could appreciate your concerns however, as this system is totally custom sized and a chipped panel or two could easily prevent it from being able to come together in a completed fashion.

            The lumber yard I do most of my business with has a devil of a time dealing with kitchen cabinet components that were ordered incorrectly or came in damaged or wrong size and prevent the job from timely completion...lots of ticked off builder customers.


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              Cal, I appreciate your response. I was asking about shipping because I know a bit about the games that get played that include free shipping. That costs have to be absorbed somehow.. If you drive to get it will it really save you much money? You think so but I sometimes find that I cannot compete with even local delievery rates sometimes. Other times it is not so much to cost for shipping as it the cost I will generate by being off a job and driving to get it myself. Plus those things are heavy.

              As for you lumber yard having mess up and incorrectly ordered items, damages I can understand that. Even if I just need one or two melamine particle boards for something I often have to look at a bunch before I find ones that are not chipped or scratched or dirty. For a supposedly indestructible item I see lots of damages some days. I hate to say it but I have accepted boards that I know I am going to be able to cut out the damaged area and can make it work but this is not going to happen if they send you everything precut. Let us know how it turns out.


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                Fortunately, I should be able to examine everything before it gets loaded on the truck.

                There is somewhat of an irony in this whole thing because the closet job is for a guy that owns a very large trucking company. I suppose I could have asked him to pick up materials just about anywhere in the country. Then, any damages would have been on him.

                I should be picking the components up at the end of the week and we will see how it goes. I'll let you know.


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                  I know that there is a closet company only about 2 blocks from my house. They get big bucks for what they do. Have a solid reputation as far as I have always heard. And have maybe 15 new Tranist or Sprinter vans for their workers to deliever and install stuff. I have never asked if I can go in with a design and have them make it for me and I install or not. But I am guessing that since they do it all the time it may be worth it to let them do it all.