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  • pivot pocket door

    Customer wants full size doors on a 5' wide closet that work like those on a tv cabinet, pivot pocket doors. I have no experience with this type of door other than using them when we still had the big tv in a cabinet. The only co. I can find that makes the hardware is
    Hafele and the price for one door set ranges from $ 1400. and up. Crazy. And the installation looks fairly complicated.
    Is anybody familiar with this kind of hardware, and is there another company that offers the hardware. I've looked around online, but
    I haven't found any that will accomodate full size doors.

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    Check out Sugatsune.


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      Allen that's some really nice hardware. I love door hardware, don't know why but quality hardware really does something for me. The lateral opening door system FAD-54 is really nice and would probably meet the needs of Bruce's client but clients need to know out of the norm stuff comes with a price.


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        You can call it crazy, but if that's what the client wants, I don't think you'll find anything as good or better for much less money--- if you can find anything at all. Managing client expectations is an important aspect of the job, IMHO.