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trimming multiple windows close together

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  • trimming multiple windows close together

    Wondering what the best way to approach this project is. None of the jams are wide enough for the walls and in the picture of the larger windows the side windows have jams that are wider than the middle window. It is difficult to see in the picture but all the windows are around 3 to 4 inches apart. Should I build individual jam extension then treat them as one large window and trim them in that fashion or do them each individually? Or is there another way to go about it?

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    I'd trim them as one large unit. No trim between the units, only a flat mullion. Trim around the side and top jambs with a continuous sill under all three, with an apron underneath. That is, if the rest of the windows have sills. If they don't I'd picture frame all the units as one.


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      Everything that Ablesupe said.

      What's up with that ledger and planking with step-stool in first pic? Probably will not get a response because it appears he's a one hit wonder like so many lately.


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        Originally posted by LIHR50 View Post
        Probably will not get a response because it appears he's a one hit wonder like so many lately.
        Won't get a response from me because it's an absurd question. That info should be on the plans, or can be obtained from the GC, architect, HO, etc. Shouldn't be left up to the trim carpenter.


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          Not sure how to to reply to individual posts. Thank you Ablesupe that is the kind of info I was looking for.
          LIHR50 Ive been thrown in the deep end as far as my carpentry skills go, so there will be no one hit wonder more likely Beatles box set.
          As for your question, it is an unfinished mezzanine. The ceiling is timber framed with the same decking as the mezzanine. The mezzanine does cut the windows in half in funky way but I'm not the architect so I don't have to worry about such things.


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            I would agree with Ablesupe, just run the casing around the perimeter, with or without a sill, and put a flat piece between the windows. And looks like some serious jamb extensions are needed.




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              That flat piece/mullion Allan is talking about can be kind of tricky in your particular situation. Run all your jam extensions as usual, but the flat piece will have to be FLUSH with the top of the jamb extension. Otherwise it will collide with the casing if the casing isn't flatwork itself.
              ‚ÄčI always run a stool and apron continuous in these cases...if the width between the windows is less than the casing and stool return projected from each adjoining window.
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                How we do structural mulls. This is a bit overkill for your project but the same idea applies. We site manufacture.