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Looking for StanleyTH-7 instructions.

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  • Looking for StanleyTH-7 instructions.

    20 plus years ago I worked with a carpenter who had me use a TH-7 jig for preparing doors for hinges. I never used it for the door jambs. He passed away a few years ago and I bought the tool from the estate. Does anyone have a set of instructions for this tool that they could scan for me? I have a couple of doors to hang on some existing door jambs that have never had doors installed. Would like to use this like he used to.

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    I'll check around and see what I can find.

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      Found this old document. It's barely legible, but it does show something of what to with the jig. It isn't an owners manual though. I'll keep looking.

      Mark S.
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        I THINK you are talking about the Stanley hinge template system that became the Bosch 83038 when Bosch bought out the Stanley power tool division. (Now discontinued).

        I have that template system, but I don't have the instruction manual.

        I did run across an on-line forum in which a member offered to send copies of the manual to anyone who asked for it ---the conversation took place last year, so I don't know if the offer still stands, but here is the link:

        Good luck. That system is pretty straight forward, uses a 1/2" diameter bit and a 5/8" diameter collar.

        p.s. Looks like the offer still stands as of March 2016--read the last post on the page
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          Is this it?


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            If it is the same as the Bosch this is the owners manual for my Bosch 83037 hinge jig.
            As stated 5/8" bushing with 1/2" bit gives you 1/4" radius corners, I have to check the bushing and bit size for 5/8' radius corners.

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