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Temporary heat for temporary enclosure

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  • Temporary heat for temporary enclosure

    We are doing an exterior job this winter. We are going to tent a section of the exterior (22' width, 10' out from building, lean to style). The temporary enclosure will be covered by a heavy duty poly tarp. We have to do two things inside:
    1)Demo some brick veneer, install engineered metal brackets and then replace the masonry in the demo areas. So we have to keep things above freezing. (Right now it's minus 12 degrees here)
    2)Thaw the ground within the enclosure to enable us to dig for sonotubes.

    How do you guys heat an enclosure like this without exposing the crew to toxic exhaust emissions? The building has natural gas. We can bring in propane. Electric heat, like halogens? We can't wait until spring, so we need to come up with a plan to heat safely.

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    Re: Temporary heat for temporary enclosure

    "We can't wait until spring,..............

    There's always a way to do the job if the costs have been included, however, what ever happened to PPP???


    I used to build Pizza Huts in Chicago in the winter, and we heated the enclosure so the masons could work. The costs were planned to a point, then the client paid to continue in order to meet an opening date which was important to them.
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      Re: Temporary heat for temporary enclosure

      Around here, they call Babfar

      Our system is designed to give you fresh hot air with less than 10 parts of carbon monoxide per million parts of air as per test results performed by the Commonwealth on Massachusetts Division of Occupational Hygiene.

      The atmosphere within an enclosure heated with our equipment meets all federal standards. All of the air the heater supplies comes fresh from the outside. This reduces the heavy build-up of Carbon Monoxide generated by heaters operating in a closed containment. A new industry standard was achieved with the introduction of pressurization - taking fresh outside air, heating it, and forcing it through a duct into the building. The BABFAR system pressurizes the enclosure and distributes heat evenly throughout the building.
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