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adding a porch to a brick house.

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  • adding a porch to a brick house.

    I wonder if I can get some help on this question. I have a 2 story brick house. Curently the front door has no cover and the water has taken its toll on the wood work. I think adding a porch roof, conventianlly framed would improve the look ofthe house as well as give cover to the door. Here is my question. How will the framing be attached to the exterior wall. Can it be achored to the brick vaneer or should it some how be bolted thrue to the framing. I notice on new construction around here they frame the porch and the masons brick right around and on top of the porch roof, adding angle iron for the brick to sit on as it proceeds past the porch roof line. And help would be of much value. (forgive the spelling)

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    Re: adding a porch to a brick house.


    My first question ; is this new roof going to have vertical supports? If so are these supports coming from existing stoop or other concrete? If you are using supports, all you are asking the brick to do is keep the porch roof tight against the house, which would be no problem


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      Re: adding a porch to a brick house.

      what I had in mind was adding a porch maybe 4 or 5 feet deep and runniing across the front portion of the house. Typical posts will support the outer perimeter. how should I attach it to the brick on the house? should bolts run through the brick into the framing to support the load fastened to the house wall?


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        Re: adding a porch to a brick house.


        My first question is what kind of roof? Shed, Gable or Hip?



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          Re: adding a porch to a brick house.

          Why not use vertical supports against the building?


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            Re: adding a porch to a brick house.

            Think of the brick as very thick siding. You wouldn't attach the roof to wood or vinyl siding, so don't attach it to the brick siding. You need to get secure attachment to the existing framing or you need a beam against the house to support the new roof load.
            You will also need to flash the intersection between roof & bricks.
            Careful measuring from the inside should help you find the stud layouts. You can remove the occassional brick to create passage for your bolts.
            As for flashing you have two choices
            1) extend the roof flashing behind the brick (ideal but difficult in a retrofit) or
            2) turn the flashing up the face of the brick, then add a counterflashing that has a top edge set back into a mortar joint about an inch. This is less ideal because any water that gets behind the brick will go behind your flashing.