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chimney saddle?

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  • chimney saddle?

    I am in the process of residing a older home and have the pleasure of dealing with a block chimney half way up the gabel wall and a roof from a previous addition wraps around it.The owner has water problems in that area inside the house.He has a wood burner hooked up to the chimney and I'm sure it gets very warm in the winter months,melting the snow around the chimney and creating ice dams.He has told me 95 to 100 degrees is not uncommon for room temp. in a couple rooms.Before I reside I would like to correct the problem.Should I make a half saddle of some sort?The roof pitch is 6/12.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: chimney saddle?

    If you are saying that there is roof uphill from the chimney you definitely need something. We call the half-saddle a cricket, but half-saddle is more descriptive. I'm not sure if there is a detail on the Certainteed website, but they have pretty extensive info & install instructions up there, so take a look