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Sunburst design for a gable end

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  • Sunburst design for a gable end

    Hello, I've seen this many times but don't know how to do it. On the gable end of a house with cedar lap siding they install it in a sunburst design. Much like the Japanese WW II battle flag.
    How do you lay it out so that all the lap become equal as you go around? Also when you keep lapping the siding at the "sun" doesn't it get to where it protrudes out to far from the gable wall itself? I realize that to start this project I would need to put a cedar 2X horizontally at the beginning of the gable (top of the wall) and cut a "half moon" shape out of a cedar 2X12 to create the "sun" and give me a level beginning area.
    I wish I could supply a picture because this sounds very complicated to explain but it surely can't be that difficult. I build commercial and residential alot so I am knowledgable on building practices. Thanks.

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    Re: Sunburst design for a gable end


    This is actually pretty easy to lay out. Cutting and fitting is another story....

    To lay out the design, cut and install the horizontal "base" and "sun". Take care to make the base level and center the sun as accurately as possible, but only tack the sun temporarily. Trace a line around the sun and then remove it.

    What I prefer to do is to use a beam compass fashioned from a furring strip to mark an arc at least 3 feet in radius about the "sun". I then mark off my exposure around this arc. Snap a line from the center point to the rake at longest span, usually the lowest one. Use the maximum exposure you want as the guideline for the size here. As boards progress up the rake, they will get progressively narrower as the span decreases.

    Now that you have one board marked out, measure the spacing at the arc you drew. Using this spacing, mark off the same distance all around the arc. You may need to adjust it slightly so that you have the vertical board come out plumb

    So now what you should have is 2 arcs, one for the size of the 'sun', the other a few feet larger in diameter, and a series of rays, all pretty much equal in size at the outer arc. Use them to get your measurements for cutting the siding. Reinstall the 'sun'. Start at the bottom of each side, and work up to the 12 o'clock position, that board being the last in place, covering the others, kinda like a keystone. Cut the outside angle at the rake first, then the taper, then place it against the sun to mark the length there.

    It's a lot of cutting and fitting, and it really helps to have a scaffold in place, especially one large enough to accomodate a small table saw and miter saw.

    Hope this helps more than confuses, let me know...


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      Re: Sunburst design for a gable end

      I would like to put Sunburst up over a window for a gable look. Do you sell Sunburst already made or could your company make one for my particular dimensions?

      Any information is appreciated.



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        Re: Sunburst design for a gable end

        Katrina, this website is not for any particular company. However, many window and siding manufacturers offer architectural details.


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          Re: Sunburst design for a gable end

          just to pipe in Ijust finished a sunburst on a home in ontario the home owner brought out a tuper ware lid and says to myself with a big smile this is what im after needless to say he got what he wanted and so did i .I got to do something different and i must say it worked out really well