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concrete in stair pans

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  • concrete in stair pans

    I have some concrete steps that I have to remove the old concrete from the existing 1 1/2" deap pans and replace with new. I am thinking of using sakrete due to the fact that I only need .4 yrds. Should I add in more cement to the mix? if so how much.
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    Re: concrete in stair pans

    Quikrete has a 4000 psi mix that may suit your project well without riching it up. (Assuming it is available in your area)


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      Re: concrete in stair pans

      THis is a good case where I wold contact the manufacturer and ask their recommendations.
      Quikrete is more than post mix and I expect they have something to fit your needs.

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        Re: concrete in stair pans

        I've filled 100's of these stair pans with standard 3000# concrete (spec'd. by the Architects) and have had no problems. One of the most important considerations is the slump. Don't get too much water in the mix to weaken it. More and more I'm not seeing the pan filled steps , but rather the precast treads about 3" thick that sit on clips that are welded onto the stringers and bolted from underneath. The 3" thickness combined with a 7" maximum rise on a commercial project meets the 4" maximum space between the adjacent treads. They have rebar in them. I've never had a problem, but if there is one, just unbolt the bad tread and replace it with a new one.