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corner board pilaster under closed box cornice

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  • corner board pilaster under closed box cornice

    I'm thinking about widening and dressing up a corner board to resemble a pilaster under a closed box cornice. Is that a stupid idea? If not, can anybody post a pic of something similar?

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    Re: corner board pilaster under closed box cornice

    Wouldn't the "stupid idea" be subjective to whom you're doing it for?

    If a client wanted it, I built it for them...They loved it....They paid me $$$$$ .....& I have a happy client.....

    Doesn't sound stupid to me.

    Just be careful of the style of the house. Don't make it stand out like a sore thumb...blend it into the surrounding trim...but then you have to worry about the rest of the house. Maybe, you can do all the corners of the house....more $$$

    Sorry, never did it, but it sounds like it would add distinction to a otherwise drab corner...Why not post a sketch of what you suggest? Hopefully, you'll get some great responses to your drawing.
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      Re: corner board pilaster under closed box cornice

      This kind of thing looks great under a Greek cornice return, but I can't recall whether I've seen it under a closed box cornice. I don't have a sketch to post, but my initial feeling is that the pilaster should be no wider than the cornice return.


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        Re: corner board pilaster under closed box cornice


        Since you are talking corner boards, I'd rather see you scrap the corner boards and miter your siding. Around here even the tract builders using the fibercement are "mitering" the corners by putting those metal corners on the ends. This tract has been in the news lately because the pseudo craftsmen and Victorians are leaking like sieves around their windows, the mold claims are bigger than their $800,000 sales prices. (you probably can't see but the siding is Hardi and the corners are metal)
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          Re: corner board pilaster under closed box cornice

          Definitely not the look I'm going for, but the metal corners do sound like they would be more water-resistant than corner boards. Where do you buy them, and what are they made of?