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Bluestone treads, stringer material?

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  • Bluestone treads, stringer material?

    I just finished a patio and we have enough leftover pieces of stone to use for treads on the new staircase. My only question is what should I use for a stringer. I've was originally thinking LVL/LSL. Solid blocking in between the stringers at the treads and glueing the stone to that. My concern is once I cut the LVL its delaminated and that will be allowing water into the whole piece. In time delaminating the whole thing.

    Has anyone done a set of stairs this way? Bluestone treads and wood stringers? Its a 16 run set btw

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    Please clarify whether you are a trades or homer type.

    This question makes me think you should consult and maybe hire a local pro familiar with your condition


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      my guess is if it is leftover from a patio it is a thinner stone. So it looks like you would have to build a complete set of steps with stringers and treads and then what, glue the stone to the treads. That then leads me to wonder what kind of glue you use to counteract any movement in the wood from both shrinking as well as people using the stairs.

      Here most stone stairs are constructed with sold stone sides for stringers then the interior between the stringers filled with compacted stone dust then the treads layed on top of that. But most treads are cut pieces 6 by 10 or so and stacked up.


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        I am a carpenter. The stone is 1" 1/2 thick and the treads would be 35" 1/2 wide. With 4 stringers and solid blocking between I think that would be more than enough to support the stone. But yes that is another concern. Attaching the stone to the wood, what kind of wood to use, is it worth the hassle...?


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          A lot depends on location, existing building design, material availability, and budget.
          Yes, this is obvious however it is not very enticing to make suggestions without knowing the limitations.

          I would be tempted to go with solid sawn old growth FOHC 4x12 Douglas Fir