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    I have some clients that want to convert a screen porch into a sun room. You can see the attached picture. The existing porch has a concrete slab and is about a 2' drop from den floor level. They want to increase the size of the porch and have the floor be level with the den. My question is about the new sun room floor, how would you recommend building that? Would you keep the existing slab and then just pour footings for post and build a standard wood framed floor and the framing would end up being about 10" away from the concrete floor (and then I guess I would increase the size of the slab to meet the new larger room size)?? Or would you demo everything and have a dirt crawlspace with strip footing and maybe 1 row of CMU block around the perimeter? I know that once a space is over a certain size you have to give access, but when this structure is so close to the ground I have no way of doing that. Would love people's thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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    Etiger, welcome to the forum. Please let us know your background and your geographic location so we can better serve you :)
    Your AHJ will have the ultimate say, but in most areas you would have to meet the same requirements as building an addition from scratch. What is your frost depth?


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      Oh, sorry...we are in Atlanta GA


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        Fellows, sometimes I'm interested in non-pro-posts by folks like e'tiger.
        I'd like to read and learn forum-members thoughts,ideas & opinions.
        Visiting site daily, sincerely appreciate the experience/time shared.


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          Thanks for your helpful response. I am very much a pro and carry the highest level license you can in my state, but that doesn't stop me from asking questions or seeing if there are better ways to do things. Isn't that why there is a JLC? Every magazine is full of details and better ways of doing things. Excuse me while I bow down to your greatness.