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Process Behavior Charts In Library

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  • Process Behavior Charts In Library

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    Re: Process Behavior Charts In Library

    Yo Peter!

    Still at it I see.

    Remember the book I kept quoting from regarding what they called "Successive Estimating". You asked me about the book and I was never able to find either of my two copies.

    Well, I found it. The book is called "Professional Construction Management" by Donald Barrie and Boyd Paulson, Jr.

    I think this is an excellent book. My latest edition is 1984 but it was republished in 1991 and for certain, at least the pictures are updated. Mine has photos of those first Radio shack computer consoles in it and info about punch cards, etc.

    The latest edition is now about 13 years old and that doesn't say much for the book, or it would have been revised and updated again by now.
    But that is where I first got the info about Succesive estimating for speading up the estimating process where you assign 3 prices to everthing, compute the total variance and then determine which item is having the greatest influence on the variance and refine that item and continue until you are satisfied with the accuracy of your estimate. Saves a lot of time.

    Check out Chapter 11.

    I paid about $30 for the book. I see that it is now $102. Wow! My billing rate for consulting back then was $25 per hour. It is now $135 so I guess I've stayed ahead of inflation a little bit anyway.

    I haven't been around much. Too busy working.

    Good to see you still around.
    BTW, I spoke with someone in Knoxville today.
    YOu just can't beat a Tennesee native and a man would surely be lucky if he had a Tenn farm girl for a wife. I miss the south the way it was in the 50's. Tenn, Ark, Alabama, and Mississippi seem to not have changed much.

    Pardon me for digressing nostalgic.


    Amazon link to book


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      Re: Process Behavior Charts In Library


      Good to see you still around, also. Sorry that the charts of my above referenced post are now gone. The webmaster has erased everything in the library above.

      I'll definitely pick up the book you're describing. Could use some additional reading material right now anyway.

      BTW, I moved here to Tennessee in 1989. I'm actually a native of Connecticut. I hope you won't hold that against me. I have two grandsons now, that are Tenn. natives. I guess you could say I've put down roots.


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        Re: Process Behavior Charts In Library

        What happened to the charts? Why were they deleted?

        I am familiar with SPC. I once wrote a custome software package ($20,000 worth) for a Chemical Industry which incorporated their SPC with COA's (certificates of analysis).

        When a truck load of material was loaded, it was sampled and analyzed. When it came across the scales the data was entered into this program which included the shipping information, weight etc. and a certificate certifying to certain parameters. The paramenters were then graph onto SPC charts including the computation of upper and lower limits etc as you described.

        Prior to that I had never heard of SPC.

        There are software packages that do that but Excel manages it quite well.

        I'd be interested in knowing what is in the new version of the book. The table of contents in the new edition, matches exactly with the table of contents of the old edition, but I'm betting that it had to have been up dated some due to a lot of references to antiquated procedures and equipment.



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          Re: Process Behavior Charts In Library


          I ordered a used version of the latest edition (which is 13 years old). It only cost me $50 with shipping. I'll let you know what I think when I finish reading it.

          If you like, I can send you the Excel examples I had posted. I'd be interested in your input if you have time.


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            Re: Process Behavior Charts In Library

            Send to my email address.