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Database vs. spreadsheet

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    Re: Database vs. spreadsheet

    Bob - I caught your note about starting to work in Timberline. I have been fussing with it for a couple of years now and find it to be incredibly powerful and versatile. The downside is that you pretty much have to build everything yourself if you want it to work the way you need it to.(not unlike almost all estimating programs).
    The only thing I find lacking is that their reporting functions are very weak within the program and working with an outside report writer such as Crystal Reports is complicated and time consuming. I understand they are planning to improve the reports in future releases.

    I spent several months a while back building a comprehensive assemblies that cover virtually every facet of our remodeling work. This was a big investment in time, but has paid off many times over in increased efficiency and accuracy.

    If you have any questions about the software or need some help, let me know.


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      Re: Database vs. spreadsheet


      Thanks for the offer. The company I'm working with it for actually sent me to a 3-day training class to get the basics (and not so basics) of the program. It touched on Crystal Reports, but didn't get too deep into it. I'm trying to talk them into sending me to Oregon for the Timberline Certified Consultant course, but so far no such

      I've got a massive model for office buildings that takes about 10 minutes to input parameters, and spits out a 19 page estimate that covers everything down to the door hardware and dock bumpers- it's definitely powerful. It's almost too powerful for many applications, as as you said, takes a lot of time to set up- that's why I don't mention it TOO much around here. The $6,000 price tag doesn't help either.....