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drywall mud or plaster

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  • drywall mud or plaster

    New here, and would like some info on a plaster or mud that has fiber in it to fill gaps and holes in gypsum. I'm concerned about shrinking and cracking. I'd prefer to replace, but that's not possible without creating more problems

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    Re: drywall mud or plaster

    Hot mud, I would think.

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      Re: drywall mud or plaster

      The plaster is better than mud as it provide long term solution for gaps and holes filling in gypsum. As the with mud there some gaps leftover or these holes become again.
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        Re: drywall mud or plaster

        For me it really depends on how much you have to fill. If you can fill it with a drywall patch and then skim coat with hot mud it will bo fast. Or if it is not that big then the plaster-here we get a product called Gypsolite or Structolite-which has gypsum added to it to take up some space. You can add some plaster of paris or alum to the mix to make it dry out much faster and do several coats in a couple of hours.
        A good thing if you are patching into plaster is to moisten the remaining plaster to help it bond or you can buy some plaster bond glue to help it stick.