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Sikkens ?

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  • Sikkens ?

    Hey there- general contractor and forum lurker here...

    I'm in the middle of a deck project, and we're planning to finish all the cedar rails and trim with Sikkens- the Cetol Translucent product to be specific.

    The manufacturer's instructions set forth a very intensive cleaning process before application- wetting the wood, cleaning the wood with a water/TSP/bleach mix, then pressure washing the solution off the wood, then a 48 hour drying period. The instructions say this applies to both new and weathered wood.

    I'm wondering if any of you out there have any suggestions for prepping the wood for Sikkens? Or am I stuck with the manufacturer's protocol?



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    Re: Sikkens ?

    I would follow Sikken's application procedures to the letter. In my experience, taking shortcuts during prep when you are finishing wood tends to undermine the final result. I would also recommend contacting Sikken's technical support and getting their advice on your specific project.
    Joe Adams
    Deep Creek Builders, Inc.
    Houston, Texas


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      Re: Sikkens ?

      captain pete, sikkens is "the dogs danglies"

      Ronseal is good but it doesn't come close to Sikkens

      Follow Sikkens instructions and you won't fail
      Limey Carpenter


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        Re: Sikkens ?

        did not mention if old or new cedar. not a fan of bleach.
        big problem with mill glaze on new cedar.
        Sikkens SRD looks great when finished but as with all
        translucent products expect a very short life span on product
        especially on cedar decking
        price on clear cedar has gone thru the roof.



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          Re: Sikkens ?

          I have heard of mill (glaze?) on hot rolled steel. It looks like black flakey "corrosion" which (I think) is a result of very rapid cold water (quenching?)

          What is mill glaze on timber, how do I spot it? what do I do (if anything) if I do see it?
          Limey Carpenter


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            Re: Sikkens ?

            Here we go again.


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              Re: Sikkens ?

              Don't use Cetol it is a pain to apply especially vertically. It costs a lot, the smell is very strong(use a respirator even outdoors), and it doesn't last. I used it on rails, doors, and mahogany plywood on a moored three masted freight boat turned resturant. We used Sikkens because that was what the boat owners used and we had to match the finishes to existing. First coat was the color coat then we top coated with Cetol. The sun just killed the Cetol after only a couple of years. Unless you coat every couple of years the stripping and refinishing is very labor and time intensive.