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  • Framing Stains

    I'm starting a remodel, Exterior window close-in, Interior breakthroughs, Kitchen gut, etc... The project will require a fresh paint on all walls.

    While doing a recent walkthrough with the client I noted that on an exterior wall; that will not require construction, that I could see the framing pattern: represented as what appear to be stains, right through the d-wall and paint. It was clear as day. The house in post war construction.

    Is this something more than just an old house without a fresh coat of paint in more than a decade?



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    Re: Framing Stains

    In homes that are poorly insulated you can sometimes see studs and ceiling joists or even the plaster lath. Dust and dirt cling to these areas as heat is lost through the solid surfaces. It seams to highlight the wood framing that is in contact with plaster or drywall. Most of it will wash off and then cover with a good latex stain blocker.