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drywall stripper

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  • drywall stripper

    I need a really good drywall stripper, one that will rip up to 4 or 5 inches. The basement walls are 7' 10", and its a big basement. Did a couple of searches and found that goldblatt,s wasnt popular. Warner and marshalltown did better.
    Does anyone know of or has had experience with a heavy duty one w/ replacable wheels and where to get it. Thanks, Ed

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    Re: drywall stripper

    I have never used my stripper since I bought one of those goofy looking rock-ripper t-squares. The real pros here will say you just need yore tape and knife.


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      Re: drywall stripper

      I posted a couple pic's of my BELCO WALLBOARD STRIPPER at our drywall site (see hotlink below). As I've said previous, all the other rockers laughed at me when I showed up on the job with the BELCO. But after they saw me making nice rips on previously ripped sheets (no factory edge), they quit laughing. The BELCO is limited to 4 5/8" tho.

      If I had alot of rips to do, I buy at least 2 of the EZRip tool. Set one at say 6", the other at 12" - rip each side of the board (not just the front). This approach will let you rip 4 strips without adjusting the EZRip.

      I always cut both sides of the sheet when ripping narrow strips. Then just drop the sheet (let it fall from 90 degrees to the floor) and you get very nice rips.

      Like Myron says, the straighter your rips, the cleaner your breaks.


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        Re: drywall stripper

        This looks just like the Goldblatt I used to have. It never worked well and I tossed it. Now I just cut my rips off the short end of a board and then pick the board up and hit the floor or work table to break the joint. I can do 2 inch rips with this.

        If they are smaller, I cut all the way through the board with my knife. I am thinking of making a shooting board for my drywall roto tool for smaller stuff. Now I just nail an overwide piece and trim it on the wall. That way the wall supports the thin piece so it doens't break



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          Re: drywall stripper

          The rippers I hav used never worked well. I have gone back to my knife and t-square. If you make lots of rips every day I might try one of the new stripers like belco's. But I would not for an ocisinal basment.