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old wallpaper adhesive

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  • old wallpaper adhesive

    I have a job in a post ww2 home that had a kind of linen wallpaper put on, then paint ( i think ) , well the layers have built up over the years and now it is peeling off down to raw plaster ( quite easily ), dose anything need to be done with the crystalized wallpaper adhesive before priming? i have been suggested to wash with dif but i was wondering what you all had to think.


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    Re: old wallpaper adhesive

    I just took off wallpaper down to plaster. I scraped the paper and much glue as I could then washed with warm water and then TSP. I was told to prime with an oil based primer so as to not reactivate any remaining glue residue, so that is what I did and the paint is still on the wall.