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dust problems in a furniture store

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  • dust problems in a furniture store

    I will renovating a large furniture store. It will be kept operating during the renovation. Are there any suggestions as to how I can keep the drywall dust to a minimum?

    Also, the drywall will be screwed to 3/4" spruce strapping, 2' on center which are in turn attached to cement block. What is the best way to attache 3/4" firring to cement blocks?

    Thanks for any help on this

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    Re: dust problems in a furniture store

    Andrew, attach the firring w/TApcons and glue.
    As for the dust from the drywall, if there's any place to construct a visqueen(sp)area, where you do all your cuts, that's helpful. If not, work with a vacuum as a sidekick, and use it anytime you cut holes or file. The finish should be wet sanded, but don't expect bank-wall perfection. You can get darn close with wet sanding, just not PERFECT. I've done a couple of photo lab remodels using this technique. There, dust is not allowed. Best, Al.


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      Re: dust problems in a furniture store

      Try to set up a squirrle cage fan with a large hose attached existing out a window or door in the area you are working in. This will create a negative pressure in this area & will retard air flow/dust toward the sales area.

      PS I cannot belive I cannot remember how spell Squirrle corectly.????!!!???