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hand texture

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  • hand texture

    I have seen this type of texture but never applied it myself. I think it is done by rolling drywall thinned down mud on with a paint roller & then a stippling brush or :Horsehair brush" applied to create the ridges. I call it Taco bell texture.
    I have a photo on my desktop of it but can not figure how to post it here. I have no website yet.

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    Re: hand texture

    I'll ask my brother, he does these all the time.

    taco bell


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      Re: hand texture

      Not To Worry : I finnally found some one who still has horse hair Brush. It matched perfectly. As always my borrowed tools get returned with a 12 pack of Bud (or other beer if there is any such thing).
      The Finnish Is made by applying Orange peel Viscosity mud to walls with a 3/8" roller. & followed by the hore hair stomp brush.
      Basicly it is achevied by using horses mane.
      drill some 3/8" holse in a piece of 3/4" plywood about 3" O.C.
      Cut mane to about 4" long & insert bunches of mane through holes in plywood. ( Horse tail is to coarse)
      Sandwich another layer on the 1st to lock mane sprigs in place.
      apply a handle & stomp twist & pull real popular in 70's