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alpa tech taping system

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  • alpa tech taping system

    has anyone tried this system. They feed the mud with air instead of having to push the mud through like regular mechanical taping tools.

    Semms like a good idea if it works good,

    has anyone tried this yet.


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    Re: alpa tech taping system

    Myron will be demo'ing it at the JLC show here in LA in May. I am interested in it also. Can't seem to find anyone around here who uses it.



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      Re: alpa tech taping system

      I have been using Apla Tech for a few years now. They are very ergonomically friendly tools. The air does push the compound out so they are much easier to use than regular boxes. I also like using the tools in place of an automatic taper. It is a little slower but I think I get better results because my tape is never short or long and it never jams up. Some people don't like the seam coaters because they require a little more hand work to get perfect. But once I got used to them and started using a little thicker mud I am getting excellent results. Great for coating inside corners. You can buy their pump or loat the tool with a hand pump.