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  • More help needed.

    Hey all,
    You guys have been helpful so far transitioning from hand taping to using thinned mud in a banjo and using the Columbia Corner tools (same as Tapetech etc...). Just a little more info please. First when when I wipe down the flats I still apply a good amount of pressure at a shallow angle. It's working well but I was curious with the thinned mud can you squeeze out too much? If I peel the tape there seems to be a skim coating left underneath as if it were just wet down with mud. The mud tapers nicely on each side and holding a straight edge across the seam shows the tape recessed a hair (a little light shows through). If this is ok the second coat should really blend beautifully. The same applies to the corner tools. Their manual says to apply good pressure to the roller and light to the flusher. I peeled the tape back and it seemed the tools removed almost all the compound. Is this normal? I have a couple of rooms which have dried for 2 days and I do not have any blistering. Would it have shown up already if it was going to blister? Any help is appreciated. If anyone is going to JLC Live next week, I'll see you at Myrons demonstrations :).
    Oh...I've now used the Senco attachment on a whole house and it works really well. Definitely a production boost for anyone looking to speed up.

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    Re: More help needed.

    Good and tight like you explained is fine. Blisters would appear when it dries and would be very obvious when applying the second coat.