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  • Price for finishing work

    I own a company that installs trim work here in New Jersey. We work in high end homes and it’s all remodeling work. When we bid jobs, we tell the client that we can offer a "finished" product. We tell them they we will prep, paint, fill nail holes, caulk ceilings and walls in addition to installing the trim.

    If possible, could anyone give me an idea of what a painter would charge to "finish" trim work that was already installed? The finish work would include filling nail holes, caulking, and two coats of paint. Different areas of trim would include crown, chair rail, or wainscoting. I would imagine that it would take a considerable amount of time to paint crown once it is up since you have to cut the ceiling and the wall. I know how long it take us to fill nail holes and caulk the wavy ceilings but we have the luxury of painting the material BEFORE we put it up.

    What would the price be for stain grade? This would include one coat of stain and one coat of poly.

    Thank you in advance for your replies.