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Wilco automatic taping tools

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  • Wilco automatic taping tools

    Has anyone tried these? They sent me some of their new product (Rock Splicer - see prev post). I went to their web site - but it was all about their auto (Ames like) tools.

    They sent me a nice colour brochure.

    I'm not endorsing these tools, I haven't tested them. I'm just pointing them out.


    auto taping tools

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    Re: Wilco automatic taping tools


    Was the Rock Splicer on that web page? I couldn't find any info, send a bettr link if you have one. Is this a continuation of the previous link, cause there, it sounds like you tried it and you like it. Is it cheaper than the other backers. I couldn't quite understand your explanation, thats why a pic would be nice.


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      Re: Wilco automatic taping tools

      Wilco has a very good set of tools. Very soon they will have a state of the art set of tools on the market. They are made of urethane, so there are less parts, the tools work smoother and they will cost less. The rock splicer is a new design of the butthangers and easy backers. It is just on the market for testing now but I think it will soon be available along side the other styles. Should cost less. Wilco and these backblockers are owned by the same company.