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    How long does it take to learn taping with automatic tools? Is there a big learning curve or do the tools help your finishing ability?

    We just finished taping a 19,000sq.ft. project with volunteer labor and there has got to be a better way.

    We finally have some skilled tapers but wonder if it is worth retraining.

    How are Habitat Houses taped?

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    Re: Automatic tools

    Your local Ames store can rent you the tools for the length of the project. If you don't have a local store, they will ship them to you. You clean them and ship them back when done.

    They might teach classes on how to use their tools.

    Yes tools make the job much quicker.


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      Re: Automatic tools

      I think the automatic tools are much easier to run than hand tools. For the angles, they also do a better job of getting 90 degrees and save enormous time.

      I used to do the taping for a local (simular to habitat) group. I ran the tools and did most of the taping.

      I'd post a note at the Ames store and the drywall supply store for a volunteer to help get you started.