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  • Painting

    Hi all,

    I'm a glorified weekend warrior doing small jobs. I go out of my way to deliver a good product as all of you do. Recently I have recommended the Benjamin Moore Regal Matte to four customers. Everyone has complained to me that this paint has stained, usually after wiping down the affected areas from water overspray, (like when a child splashes in a bathtub).

    As this has happened the last four of my six jobs, I am wondering if it is the application of the paint or the paint itself? These have all been walls previously painted, in pretty good condition, just dirty or lightly stained.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Painting

    Flat paints don't wash well, and can easily change their appearance from wiping. Paints that do not have the flatteners added typically fare far better - your satins, semi gloss. Every paint company makes good paint and cheap paint, so I'll stay out of the brand advertisement, but most paint stores should be able to rate (even if somewhat subjectively) how well their coatings hold up to various hazards - wiping, stains, etc. I am a Sherwin guy myself. They have multiple lines of paint, and you get what you pay for. I'm sure BM has $40 a gallon paint that is indestructable as well. If not, look at SW Cashmere and see what you think.


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      Re: Painting

      Thanks RW, I appreciate the tips. I know just what you are talking about when it comes to the paint choices. Thankfully, I learned that on my very first job. In this case, my customers selected the BM Regal Matte and paid a pretty good buck for it. That was the reason why I was upset about it not working well. As you pointed out, I think from now on I will suggest a gloss of some sheen.

      Being that the paint I used was of good quality, I need to be sure of my application method. I did some further research and found an article that talked about "saponification" which I have defined as a bathroom phenom that leaves a residue from soapy mists, spray, etc. It builds up on painted walls and can lead to "soft paint" when covered. This is seemingly on point with my issue. This condition supposedly can be cleared up with a wipe down of a solution that contains a little TSP or similar. For good measure I am going to try this on the next bath I do to see what happens.

      In a side question, can you suggest a way to bill for a paint job? My guess is by the sq. foot, but I'm a newbie.

      (By the way, the shop that sold me the BM paint said that the manufacturer recommends that customers wait 30 days before trying to wipe the walls down. Can that be right?)

      Thanks again to all of the folks that post. This is a fantastic resource and more than once I have turned to these forums for guidance. I know what its like to work all day and then spend time in forums on top of it. I hope one day to return the favors.


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        Re: Painting

        Almost all latex paints "dry" quickly, but don't finish "curing" for 30 days. So you shouldn't touch them until after they cure.

        Also, if there is a chance of water splashing, semi-glosss is always recommended. That is why you see it in Kitchens, baths and laundry rooms. It also holds up better to cleaning solutions. Since it is a more gloss finish, it is smoother which means it has less surface pores to hold the dirt.



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          Re: Painting


          I agree with the others, flat looks nice and helps to mask wall imperfections, but it's not washable and thus is not suitable for areas where it could be splashed (kitchens and baths) or high traffic areas like hallways and stairs where it will get a lot of scruffs or finger prints. For these wall areas you want to use at least an "eggshell" finish. It has a very slight sheen to it which increases the washability. But its not as shiney as a satin or semi-gloss (they're typically used on trim). Benjamin Moore has eggshell in most of their paint lines but it may be called something different (so make sure you ask).

          Good luck.


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            Re: Painting

            Regal Matte is not recommended for bathrooms or kitchens..... read the label next time.